Lexical Systems developed at ATILF are stored as SQL databases. For the time being, two resources extracted from these databases are distributed on ORTOLANG (Outils et Ressources pour un Traitement Optimisé de la LANGue) under Creative Commons – Attribution 4.0 International licence.

1) French Lexical Network (fr-LN) [Fr. Réseau Lexical du Français (RL-fr)]

Scientific manager: Alain Polguère
Computing development manager: Sandrine Ollinger
Last update: August 28, 2023

The downloadable resource named (in French) Réseau Lexical du Français (RL-fr) is a bundle of export files containing most of the lexicographic information embedded in the fr-LN. The files’ content and format are described in detail in a technical documentation included in the download. The fr-LN being a rich and complex model of the lexicon, it is highly recommended to study the documentation before embarking on the exploitation of data files.

2) Database of lexicographic examples from the French Lexical Network [Fr. Base d’exemples lexicographiques du Réseau-Lexical du français (BEL-RL-fr)]

Scientific manager: Sandrine Ollinger
Developer: Marine Schmitt
Computing development manager: Étienne Petitjean
Last update: August 28, 2023

The Base d’exemples lexicographiques du Réseau-Lexical du français (BEL-RL-fr) corpus is a downloadable resource containing the lexicographic examples of the French Lexical Network (fr-LN). The resource is encoded in XML format compatible with the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Each example is stored as a lexicographic citation together with its bibliographic reference. The occurrence(s) of the lexical unit it illustrates is/are identified in the example by means of the <seg/> tag.

If you want to receive news about the distribution of data extracted from Lexical Systems, you can register to the lexsys-distr list by sending an email to indicating as Subject: subscribe syslex-distr <Your given name> <You surname>; leave the body of the message blank. You will then receive an automated email asking you confirm your request.